Upholstery Basics

So you want that chair, that was handed down to you from your parents, reupholstered?  On the surface it looks like some fabric, padding and a frame but most of the time there is more than meets the eye and it can be difficult to know the true extent of the job until more information can be obtained.

Couch Back
Couch Back

Webbing, springs, spring ties, cotton batting, staples, nails, decorative nail heads, foam, decking, down, poly-fill, dacron, cording, gimp, burlap, horse hair, edge roll, muslin, buttons, channels, tufting.......whew!  While your item might not contain all of these the list does show how much goes into some pieces of furniture.  Generally speaking, the older furniture will have more of this and newer furniture will not.

So, when you are ready to start your project, don't be surprised that there may be some vague prices as some pieces of furniture doesn't show everything that is wrong with it until you remove the fabric to reveal what "lies" beneath.

Re-webbing the seat or back of a chair can take some time as can re-tying springs, which is very labor intensive.  A good upholsterer can work magic on your furniture, not only stretching fabric over some foam but also creating the right look in the corners and edges.  Upholstery is an art and it takes some time and knowledge to really "nail" it down.

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