We would like to begin having classes at Whetstone Upholstery & Interiors.  We would like to start with a beginners class with our Master Upholsterer, Otis, that will show you the basics of upholstery like pulling staples and removing the old fabric, cutting fabric, aligning the fabric on the piece, attaching the fabric and performing the finishing touches.

Interested?  Please call (804)355-8505 or send us an email at so that we can form up some classes.  If a beginners class doesn't interest you please let us know kind of class you would like to attend and perhaps we can form future classes.

What is included?

  • On hands instructions with a Master Upholsterer
  • Tools
  • Fabric to practice with
  • Furniture to practice on


Classes will be on a Saturday from 9 AM until 12 PM.  We would like to have a class on October 7th, 14th or the 21st depending on the interest we receive.

How Much?

$65 per person

How Many?

Maximum of six people


Call us at (804)355-8505


Here are some of the brands that we carry:







Robert Allen



Laura Ashley


Interior Shutters



How does the upholstery process work?

The first thing we need from you is photos and dimensions and an idea of what you want.  Do you want the back cushions fluffed up with more filling?  Do you want the foam in the seats replaced?  Do you just want the item recovered in new fabric?

Once we have that information then we can work up an estimate/proposal for you.  The reason it is an estimate is that once we take the old fabric off it may uncover other issues.  Other issues could include damaged frame, springs that need retying etc.

Once you agree to the estimate/proposal and pay the deposit then we will enter your item into the production cycle.  If you chose for us to pick the item up then we will work with you to schedule a pick up date.

If the item needs additional work not listed in the estimate we will call you and either send you pictures of the issue or have you stop by the store at your convenience.

Once the item is completed we will call you and either schedule a delivery date or you can stop by the store to pick the item up and make the final payment.

What is included in the upholstery process?

There are a number of material and items that are contained in a piece of furniture.  Foam, padding, dacron, edge roll, springs, webbing etc.  Most of the time these items don’t need replacing.  Some times the items have some issues and the best time to address them is when the item is undergoing re-upholstery.  If you have requested that the seat foam be replaced then we will include that on the estimate/proposal.

We list the items that we are replacing on the estimate/proposal sheet.  All other items would be extra, i.e. foam, down, poly fill etc.

Do you offer pickup and delivery?

We do offer pickup and delivery.  There is a $35 charge each way.  Outside of 20 miles we add $2 per mile.

How long does it take to get an item reupholstered?

Typically it takes about 2-3 weeks for an item to be completed.  This is due to other work already in the production cycle.  Smaller items, such as slip seats or cushions, can sometimes be fit in and completed in a week or so.